Why Do Liberals Care More About Other People’s Children Than Their Own?

By far the most bewildering feature of the liberal worldview is their denial that they have any responsibility towards the generations of the future.  Liberals have a very low penchant for inter-generational responsibility. This is most observable in the stark differences between liberal parenting strategy and right-minded parenting.  This difference ultimately influences the amount of parental investment observed between the offspring of liberals and the offspring of right thinking peoples.

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Liberals seem to show little concern for their own offspring or the well-being of their genetic descendants, preferring investment in the children of “others” to investment in their own. This contrasts sharply with the parental investment strategies of right-minded peoples who invest in their children as opposed to investing in the children of others.

What Is Parental Investment?

When I refer to parental investment in one’s offspring, I am alluding to the effort expended on raising them to become competent and confident members of the society in which they live. Such efforts include: time, attention, affection and monetary investment. These resources are finite and scarce by their very nature. Time spent working is time which you are unable to spend on hobbies, exercise and gaming. Time is a non-renewable resource.

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Likewise, money spent on a vacation is money that cannot be spent on a home. Money may be a renewable resource but in order to obtain it the non-renewable resource of time must be expended in its pursuit. The scarcity of the earth’s resources and the finite nature of time are readily understood by every child who has reached the age of reason.

Now, you may be wondering what resources and time expenditure have to do with liberalism and their penchant for low-investment strategies ...

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