See Legowelt’s DIY synth, the ‘Star Shepard’ [Watch]

See Legowelt’s DIY synth, the ‘Star Shepard’ [Watch]Legowelt 62013

Dutch producer Legowelt extends his innovation beyond music production, including music production hardware within his purview given the introduction of his very own DIY synth: the Star Shepard.

Comprised of old guitar pedals, a Casio 403 keyboard from 1981, an AM radio, and plywood assembled with screws, glue, and tape, the rudimental instrument feeds sound through “a bunch of circuitbend Analog delays, reverbs, Tremolos & Vibratos, and Wahwah pedals as filters.” The Star Shepard additionally includes what Legowelt calls a “very simple keyboard style ‘sequencer’ made from a looper pedal.”

“It is very noisy, cracklet, and sometimes starts doing its own thing like some sentient synthesizer being that it is alive,” Legowelt said of the unpredictable nature of the Star Shepard. “This makes it [music production] quite an adventurous experience.”

LED strips placed within the interior of the Star Shepard add an extra pop of technical personality in the Star Shepard.


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