Premiere: Tim Schaufert & CASHFORGOLD – Always High [Q&A]

Tim Schaufert and CASHFORGOLD have collaborated on more than a dozen songs since they began releasing tracks together last spring. The German producer’s and Detroit songstress’ styles come together brilliantly from across the sea, blending into a glowing atmosphere that’s simultaneously ethereal and eerie. From last November’s “Gold” to July’s “Awake,” the duo demonstrate a perfect mastery of a style that’s all their own.

In their latest piece of work together, “Always High,” Schaufert and CASHFORGOLD spin a mysterious and complex web, packed with melancholy chords, wistful vocals, and a subtle trap beat.

DA caught up with Schaufert to hear about his production process with CASHFORGOLD’s Jacqueline Torgerson and what he has in store for the remainder of the year.

What has your evolution been like as an artist over the past few years? What’s most important to you as an artist?

In my teens, I listened to minimal and house, which is very prominent in Germany, but took a complete shift in my listening and producing habits two years ago. After a break from electronic music due to university and mental health stuff, I came back in 2016 and started all over. I got disinterested in house and instead got into chill and wave music. I started taking music seriously and since I couldn’t stand studying and not doing something creative any longer, made the decision to pursue it professionally.

What is your production process like when you and CASHFORGOLD work together?

I usually start by making an instrumental, either a loop or a quick sketch of an arrangement, nothing too complex. The chord progression is the important part for Jacqueline to write the vocal to. After the vocal is recorded the song can take on a lot of new directions. I’ve been enjoying working this way, because it ...

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