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Not many producers can say that they walked away from a desk job to become a DJ. For New York City’s newest dance pop producer, though, that is exactly the case. Richie Krisak was born in New Jersey in 1994. The son of immigrant parents from the Ukraine, being a musician wasn’t exactly a viable career option growing up.

No one in my family ever played an instrument, so the thought of becoming a musician was completely abstract. However, music was still a huge part of my childhood, and listening to classic Russian/Ukrainian pop music was a family tradition.

Despite this intense focus, Richie turned to music as a creative outlet. Over time he dabbled enough in drums and guitar to call himself a halfway decent musician. It never progressed beyond that, though. After a few years of playing junior hockey, it became clear to Richie and his family that he had a real shot at making it as an elite level hockey player. So for 10 years, that became the sole focus.

This isn’t one of those sports journeys that ends tragically, but eventually it was time for Richie to hang up the skates. In the end, it came down to: pursue junior pro hockey with no guaranteed outcome, or go to college. The decision wasn’t made lightly, but in the end Richie chose to make his way to the University of Richmond to study business. Following the herd of graduates into the business world, Richie¬†worked at Merrill Lynch for one year as a financial advisor before finally deciding to focus full time on his music career.

It was during his time in college that his passion for music production really took hold. In between classes Richie worked on his production skills, starting out with bootleg remixes and eventually ...

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