Moby to sell personal record collection for charity

Dance music legend, Moby, will put his entire record collection up for sale on June 14, with all of the profits going to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a research and advocacy group that seeks alternatives to animal testing and cruelty.

This is Moby’s second considerable fundraising attempt on the PCRM non-profit’s account, following April’s sale of over 100 of his musical instruments and equipment via Reverb. Moby himself has long been an outspoken vegan and animal rights advocate.

Moby’s record collection purportedly contains a prolific amount of 80s and 90s techno, house, and hip-hop–with many of the records displaying handwritten insignias which Moby used to direct himself through his live DJ sets.

“These are all the records that I bought and loved and played and carried all around the world,” Moby explains in a promotional video. “I would rather you have them than me, because if you have them, you’ll play them. You’ll love them. And the money will go to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. So everybody wins. Well, except me, because now I don’t have any records.”

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