5 Reasons Why I Quit My Job As A Personal Fitness Trainer

A few months ago I wrote an article analyzing the pros and cons of being a personal trainer. My life has gotten to a point where I am no longer a full-time personal trainer, because frankly the job is not nearly as cool and “dudebro-y” as every screenwriter seems to think it is—and those “smiling douchebag” depictions are probably due to the ignorance of “the man on the outside looking in.”

I am a man capable of self-reflection, so here are a few thoughts on my full-time career as a personal trainer:

1. 90% Of Being A Personal Trainer Is Being A Glorified Handyman

The majority of time you’re a personal trainer, you will not be training people. You’re mostly going to be sweeping and mopping floors, moving stuff, and repairing drywall. One of the few things you’ll be doing that is at all related to training people is making phone calls to other people. Many, many phone calls.

So essentially, after being paid crappily to be a glorified handyman/pack mule, I decided to cut the middle man and just be a handyman/pack mule, and get paid double what I was making as a personal trainer.

2. Your Pay Depends On Convincing Third World Peasants To Buy Your Services

When I would be making my 100 or so phone calls a day, I noticed that a substantial amount of my clientele didn’t speak English particularly well, or not at all. A fact that was confirmed when I would have to do walkthroughs of the gym with clients that literally spoke no English—but hey, at least I got to test my Spanish, which I haven’t spoken regularly since high school. And that was of course when they even bothered to show up at all.

I would estimate that of the ...

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