‘Super Mario Party’ Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

The beloved Mario Party series is coming to the Nintendo Switch this Fall 2018 as announced today by Nintendo during its E3 presentation. Super Mario Party will offer new Switch-designed features such as enabling users to play on multiple units in a four-person action mode. Using two pairs of Joy-Cons, the players will get to maneuver new characters such as Rosalina, Dry Bones, as well as a Goomba across the devices that forms one giant display. Moreover, you can move the Switch screens in various ways (in a straight line or a T-shaped configuration) to change the map and make the gameplay more complex.

The game will also spotlight new mini-games that entice users to collaborate secretly, in single- or split-screen options, alongside traditional board games. Watch the trailer for Super Mario Party above and expect the game to launch October 5. Just recently, Nintendo revealed the complete Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

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