June 16: Stop Violence Against Women Happy Hour In Washington D.C.

I’m throwing a happy hour on Saturday, June 16, 2018 for human beings of all gender identities to discuss ways that the patriarchy is hurting women. All attendees are expected to grovel before any random woman in the vicinity, no matter what her size or appearance, and satisfy her in any way she demands. During the event, I encourage you to bring women to my presence so that I can apologize to them on the behalf of you and all other men. We will also teach each other not to rape and how to stop making women feel uncomfortable in the presence of our toxic masculinities.

The meetup begins at 8pm at a Starbucks location that will be shared on my Twitter at 7:30pm on the day of the event. You do not have to buy anything thanks to the company’s progressive policies for persons of color, which includes myself. Feel free to also use their restroom as if it were any public toilet.

Between 8-8:30, I will personally tell you the location of a bar that we will move to after 8:30. You must arrive to the Starbucks by 8:30 to receive details of the bar venue since it will not be shared online. If you arrive to the Starbucks at 8:31, and don’t see me, you will miss the rest of the happy hour.

Both the Starbucks location and bar will be within walking distance of the Metro Center subway station. If there are unexpected happenings, I will share it on Twitter. If my Twitter is banned, check my Gab. I do not expect any protesters since I’m now “old news,” but that may change if the event is publicized in the media or heavily discussed on Reddit and Twitter.

By attending the happy hour, you agree to ...

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