Here Are All the Samples on Kid Cudi & Kanye West’s ‘Kids See Ghosts’ Album

Kid Cudi and Kanye West recently came together to release their highly anticipated project Kids See Ghosts after months of waiting.

Offering a look at every single sample featured on Kids See Ghosts, the creatives at Bandstand made a video highlighting the impactful cuts that make up the songs on the collab project. Featuring heavy production from 'Ye, the albums cut and reworking track build brought out the best in Cudi reminding fans of the artist's time at G.O.O.D Music. Some samples found on the album include a striking line from Marcus Garvey's "Knowledge of Self" on "Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)" and a rhythmic excerpt from Napoleon XIV "They're Coming To Take Me Away" on "Fire." But standing out amongst the sample-laden tracks is a looped line from legendary New Orlean's singer Louis Prima on "4th Dimension" and an ominous guitar riff from the late Kurt Cobain on "Cudi Montage."

Check out the samples on Kids See Ghosts above and in case you missed it, catch all the samples found on Kanye West's eighth studio album ye.

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