New Jersey Beach Beat Down Shows Why It’s Foolish To Resist Police

Twenty year old Emily Weinman was recently arrested at Wildwood beach in New Jersey and now she is suing for excessive force used by the officers. In the body cam video, the officer is shown suspecting Weinman was consuming alcohol in public and being underage. The officer gave her a breathalyzer test, but it was hard to see what the reading said in the video. Weinman explained that she was not drinking and waiting for her aunt.

However, the officer continued to ask her more questions to which Weinman refused to answer leading the officer to say, “I’m done with you”, and “you’re about to get dropped” as he pursued Weinman who was calling for help. She is shown being tackled and screaming while the officer pulled her hair and punched her repeatedly.

The Jersey Shore beach babe arrest is another example of why you should not argue or engage in any dialogue with a cop since they are trained to get you to verbally admit to a crime. While legally in many states you aren’t required to play 21 questions if approached, most don’t know that and the cops know it, so they continue to push your buttons to get you to say something they can use to bust you.

Was Physical Force Really Necessary?

Being a cop is very difficult these days with all the political correctness and everybody having an entitlement mindset thinking they have rights, but still some cops take things too far. As seen in the video, the cop punched the unarmed young girl who was not a physical threat to them or the public. Yes she should’ve kept her mouth shut and just complied as resisting only leads to more trouble, but there’s a civil way to deal with college chicks, even if they’re ...

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