UK Students Force University To Strip Title Of Professor For Speaking Truth On Reproduction

In April 2018, Ulster University withdrew the emeritus title from world famous scientist Robert Lynn because of pressure from the Student’s Union. The union beseeched the university to end all association with Professor Lynn because his views were “racist and sexist in nature”.

Professor Lynn, through empirical research and detailed studies has claimed that men are on average 5 IQ points higher and that East Asians, Chinese in particular, have the highest IQs. To any common person, these assertions are self-evident. Men overwhelmingly choose STEM subjects compared to women and even till now, most of the world’s notable discoveries and inventions are made by men. The Chinese control the world’s 2nd biggest economy and exist as a dominant minority across the globe. But for the hard leftist students union, hurt feeling and political correctness trumps cold hard logic. Proving the old adage…

It is troubling that an educational institute residing in a Western democracy has caved in to the self-indulgent polemics of these uninformed undergraduates. Plurality of views and the freedom of speech are among the cornerstone values that vaulted Western civilization to greatness. Universities nowadays are no stranger to regressive students attempting to ban elected politicians from speaking and this is a troubling development.

Anyone familiar with Professor Lynn’s work will of course mention his work on the theory of dysgenics. In his prescient 1996 book Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Population, he correctly identified the worrying trend that lower IQ groups were having more offspring than those with a higher IQ. A theory most popularized in the crass 2006 film Idiocracy, which ironically regained prominence as an explanation for Trump’s presidential election. Still nowadays people have begun to lament Idiocracy as an accurate dystopian prediction. A pity, since this theory has roots as far back ...

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