Are You A Soyified Game Denialist?

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Regrettably, low-T men and soy boys appear to be on the ascendance in Western culture. This has a great many ramifications for society at large too numerous to get into here, but when it comes to game, the results are plain to see: game denialists and sexless keyboard jockeys who sit in their bedrooms endlessly rehashing the same old refrain.

Game doesn’t work. The only thing that works is money and looks. And so on.

Of course, such individuals would be merely laughable were it not for the fact that their naive and untested ideas infect the minds of others. Hopefully you are not so far gone. Perhaps you have read some negative comments along these lines, but you remain optimistic that the doomsayers are wrong.

Well, they are.

All you have to do is go out and investigate for yourself.

Here is my 4-point plan for avoiding the soy mindset and getting the results you want with women.

1.Think about the motivations of game denialists

First off, if you are reading an article or a Twitter thread or blog post about game, and you notice someone critiquing the techniques espoused in unusually negative terms, consider carefully why the author might feel compelled to voice such opinions.

Usually if I disagree with an article—which happens pretty often—I generally don’t tend to bother commenting. This is because I have a life and I’m busy and I would consider it an inconvenience at best. So the people that do this kind of thing must have a pretty strong motivation.

Now, think about it. If these people were happy an enjoying full and productive lives, as well as sexual abundance, then would they be posting crap online? No, of course not.

As such, we can deduce that the people promulgating such ...

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