Globohomo Rainbow Mafia Is Forcing The U.S. National Soccer Teams To Wear Gay Pride Jerseys

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In the late 2010’s, the alphabet soup “LGBTQ” agenda in western countries has successfully made the decades long transition from tolerance (stage 1), to acceptance (stage 2), to support / pride (stage 3), to the next frontier of workplace coercion (stage 4).

Depending on your line of work, you may now have absolutely no choice as to whether or not you despise, tolerate, accept, or support the ever-expanding homosexual juggernaut.

In 2018, the United States national soccer teams are now the latest bigtime organizations to be 100% on the butthole surfing bandwagon, and are mandating that their players wear special sodomy supporting jerseys during their June matches for “pride” month.

This is nothing more than a growing element of queer fascism infecting western society with more cultural AIDS, and is akin to being made to wear an unwanted Star of David on your back while earning your bread playing kickabout.

More Globohomo Workplace Bullying Of Christians, Conservatives, And Masculinity

Are you Christian and think that homosexuality is a sin? Do you think that two men having their merry way with each other is absolutely revolting? Or maybe your just plain sick of this degenerate agenda being shoved down our throats via relentless Twitter hashtags, Google doodles, and Youtube ads?

And finally, ‘won’t someone please think of the children!’ when the untrained eyes of our offspring are forced to bear witness to all these salacious and lewd gay pride events?

Well Globohomo Inc. doesn’t care about you when it comes to professional soccer now. Support the sodomizers or be benched, booed, and roasted! Because “this is America” and like, “it’s the current year” and stuff.

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