8 Ways You Can Greatly Lower Your Chances Of Being Doxxed By The Thought Police

We live in a day and age where left wing extremists and blue-haired cunts feel like they’re doing a public service by making life hell for masculine men who make no apologies for refusing to date transgenders or standing against open borders. A good example of this is when Roosh was banned from the UK for speaking out against militant homosexuality, even though he hasn’t called for violence, has no criminal record, and in general is not a threat.

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably seen the phrase “Twitter do ya thing”, where low IQ millennials attempt to get Trump supporters fired and blacklisted from their careers by calling their place of work or school. While there is no such thing 100% anonymity when a telecommunications device is involved, there are some basic, common sense steps you can take to avoid being a victim.

1. Use a reliable VPN

A VPN encrypts the traffic between your computer and network in addition to hiding your IP address. Using a VPN ensures trolls can’t find your real IP address and then call your internet service provider to gain information about you through social engineering. The US recently passed a law allowing ISP’s to sell your data to marketers for profit, so at this point using a paid VPN service that doesn’t keep logs is just good internet hygiene.

2. Register your social media accounts under pseudonyms and burner email addresses

Just by operating your social media accounts or blog under an alias, you take away 90% of what the left-wing mob has to work with. While I’m not saying they deserved it, most of the people who are successfully doxed by gender fluid womyn’s studies majors have far too much pointless personal information on their profiles. You posting under your legal name ...

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