7 Reasons Why American Men No Longer Pursue Their Women

Baby boomers like to bash them for not “being man enough” to get married and have kids, but common sense will reveal that the “perks” and “benefits” of marriage in America have become less and less lucrative to the average hardworking man. Due to this, many men have stopped pursuing American women altogether. Here’s why:

1. False Rape Charges

Men aren’t stupid; they see what’s going on and are scared of being put behind bars over a silly allegation without evidence. Although they may not talk about it, men do not want to take a chance that jeopardizes their reputation, family, and not to mention hard-earned finances.

2. Low Quality Of Women

Take a good look around the states and you’ll soon go myopic as the hideous sight will cut your testosterone down to soy boy levels. You may not have sexual desire for a while due to the ugliness as it only encourages you to live like a celibate hermit.

3. They Won’t Ever Be Satisfied

It is impossible to satisfy an American woman, period. They are so spoiled and brainwashed by Disney and other media outlets that no man can please them. Even if you give them the world, they will seek the stars, so men have given up as it’s too much of a burden financially, emotionally, and physically.

4. They’re On Drugs

It amazes me how many girls in their early twenties are taking some over the counter medication for acne, depression, or what have you. In the past, previous girls I had slight interest in would reveal problems like Crohn’s disease, mental instability, hives, and weird things like they can’t eat kale and alike. I tried to get serious with one even after admitting her serious problem, but that insecurity kept ruining everything and I ...

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