How To Understand Your Needs When It’s Time To Invest In The Market

Becoming part of the manosphere state of mind requires us to (in most cases) become an investor. Stocks, bonds, real estate (both in vitro and in-vivo), business, and any other investment options should become part of our financial life. The main reason for this, is what BLL noted:

Since the Alphas main investment is in himself and his needs, he also secures that regardless of the outcome he has increased his principal.

BLL was talking about Gender Relations, but one can easily apply it to its own financial welfare. What I have noticed is that there is an hierarchy of needs, which actually translates into actions. This was based on reading an article (in Hebrew) about that specific subject and its applications. As an individual investor, each one of us has to consider a lot of things about one’s investment:

  1. When (to invest)?
  2. How much (of our money to invest)?
  3. Which (type of investment to choose)?
  4. Where (which market, geography…)?
  5. How long (time expected)?
  6. When (under what circumstances should we withdraw, or exit strategy)?

Each ones of the above influences yield, risk and eventually our future financial situation. This does not mean that they are equally important. It is the same concept which states that “Strategy before tactics. Always!” Most people deal with tactics such as “Which stock should I pick?” or “Should I switch brokers for an additional reduction of 0.15% in fees?” This is exactly like dealing with the question of “Which line should I use to diffuse last-minute resistance?” Getting your shit together is more important.

In order to help readers better understand what I mean, here is a diagram:

The Investor’s Pyramid of Needs (Source

I’m referring to the stock market, as I believe most readers have ...

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