9 Methods To Heal A Damaged Back And Keep It Strong

Believe it or not, it is due to a back injury that I discovered Return Of Kings. Being bedridden and with some time on my hands, I was looking up articles on baking soda when I came across it and the rest is history. Always look on the bright side, as they say.

I will now share my experience so you avoid ending up like me.

What not to do

My first back injury came in the form of a herniated disc in my teens. I got infiltrations and the surgeon recommended total rest and minimal effort. My muscles shrank and it did not help.

Only when I came back to grappling, despite the surgeon’s advice, did the pain go away. Doctors have since then changed their mind and exhort people to be active now.

The second episode was severe enough to threaten my ability to walk again. I took my chances and chose surgery. I fully recovered but only by taking it day by day and pacing my effort.

The injuries occurred when:

  • I moved a weight that was too heavy, even if I knew I was exhausted
  • I only swung the weight using my back, in rotation and above my shoulder
  • I did not brace my back
  • The second time, I did a violent effort after a month of inactivity

I was given a second chance by something above and swore that I would do everything it takes to prevent it from happening again. Here are some exercises I do to maintain the health of my back…

1. Simple pull-ups/rope climbing/GI pull ups

They are excellent exercises for the lats as the back is kept straight and the muscles contracted. I strongly recommend them. You can do them almost everywhere. As soon as they get easier, you can ...

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