Stellar Leuna Breaks Down Her Stunning, Prada-Approved Illustrations

Prada's well-received Spring/Summer 2018 collection introduced the Italian label's latest take on strappy sandals, but focused more on the captivating artwork of Stellar Leuna. Patched onto the backs of outerwear and splashed onto handbags, Leuna's signature, monochrome artwork was undeniably the centerpiece of the collection. HYPEBAE sat down with the Australian creative to discuss her influences, the roots of the collaboration and more.

The style of your art is heavily inspired by comics. Are you an avid comic reader yourself? What draws you to this particular aesthetic?

I go through phases with comics. Sometimes I read them a lot and then I like to take time away and also read non-fiction books and novels too. I’ve always been drawn to the simplicity of comic illustration because it’s all just ink and flat colours. I think the reason it’s appealing to me is the same reason I love watching movies so much. I just love having a visual component to storytelling.

Feminism seems to be a recurring theme in your work. How would you describe the women portrayed in your art?

Very angry.

Let’s talk about your Spring/Summer 2018 gig with Prada. How did the project come about in the first place? What was the collaborative process like?

They just emailed me. I don’t really know how they came about my work at all but the process was basically just emails back and forth for the collection pieces. For the animation, it was a lot more collaborative. The animator and agency were both based in London, so it was at times challenging. Basically I came up with an idea and drew every movement frame-by-frame which I would then pass on to the animator and the creative director, and we’d refine and refine. I’m really proud of the end product and animation was something I really wanted to delve into even before the project began, so having such a cool project to start the learning process with was awesome.

The crossover between art and fashion has become more prominent than ever these days. What are your thoughts on that?

I love it and hope that it only brings me more cool opportunities like what I’ve been doing with Prada. I think it’s really important to give emerging artists and small artists like myself big opportunities because often we are the ones who are the hungriest for opportunities and have the freshest ideas. When you combine tradition with innovation, society is just more interesting.

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