New feature on YouTube provides additional credit information for more than one million songs

As of May 16, YouTube will take additional measures to provide song credit information for more than half a billion of the music videos that are currently available on YouTube’s website.

Entitled “music in this video,” the new feature will be located below the “show more” area underneath a given music video, and will identify all of the contributing artists, from the songwriters to the labels and publishers who represent said songwriters. The information will appear under music that is uploaded to official artist channels, as well as under the YouTube user content that uses recorded music.

Photo Credit: The Verge

“Music in this video” will provide the crediting insight that has long remained inaccessible on YouTube and on other online streaming outlets. The topic of crediting recalls YouTube’s 2016 settlement with the National Music Publishers Association. Reported to have sat somewhere between $30 and $40 million, the settlement paid royalties to the songwriters who did not receive appropriate accreditation on YouTube.

A general lack of credit related information for music is primarily responsible for most of the previous and existing instances of such music accreditation issues, but increasing correspondence between online streaming services, record labels, and music publishers has helped to combat this problem. John Mayer followed the release of his recent single, “New Light,” with a full list of song credits for the track, uploaded to his Instagram account. “Digital music shouldn’t kill credits. Here’s what the back of the single would have looked like if it were in your hands,” Mayer wrote.

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