How Positiva Records has shaped the dance music scene since 1993, A&R director Jason Ellis tells all [Interview]

Positiva Records has been a unique influence in the music industry since its birth 25 years ago, known best for its eclectic roster of artists and breathtaking productions. With all the support Positiva has garnered over the years, the imprint has become more than just a label, but a flourishing platform for artists from all over the world to share their creations. Positiva Records has released it all – from Vengaboys’ UK No. 1 single, “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” in 1997, to Martin Garrix‘s big room, chart topping, “Animals” in 2013, the label has amassed major worldwide success with several number one hits on the UK and international charts.

Jason Ellis has served as Positiva’s A&R director for over 15 years, and through his time at Positiva, with patience, perseverance, and expertise, he has developed the label to what it is today. He has kept the label diverse by choosing a wide array of artists and not confining the brand to one specific genre of music. Jason has given countless artists a foundation for their musical growth, allowing up-and-comers as well as renowned musicians to reach a massive audience of avid listeners.

Jason started his journey in the music industry at a young age, collecting vinyls from numerous artists, developing his keen sense of spotting talent by listening to many different genres from a variety of musicians.

“I was an avid record collector in my teens with quite broad tastes – Talking Heads, Tears For Fears, Japan, Simple Minds were very influential to me at the time. I worked for HMV in Birmingham for several years, and as a singles buyer in the early / mid 90’s had to be across what was big in the dance world. I started to take more interest in the scene around ...

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