How To Work Out While Traveling

Traveling is a blast. Seeing faraway lands, making memories, going on adventures and experiencing brand new things. It’s something we could all use some more of. But a common question that comes up when we talk about traveling is this:

How do I workout while traveling?

After all, you worked your ass off to make those gains, and the last thing you want to do is see them melt away under the vacation sun on the white sandy beaches of Aruba.

So whether you’re living it up on vacation and experiencing all that life has to offer or traveling for business reasons, in this article, I’ll show you all my tips on how to workout while traveling so you don’t lose your gains (and even keep making them!).

1. Find a Gym in Advance

The first tip is to do your homework and find a gym in advance before you decide to travel. We’re not stuck in the Stone Ages. The world wide web is right there waiting for you, and unless you’re backpacking in the African jungle, most civilized places will have a gym in decent distance with standard workable equipment to get your gains on.

Determine where you’ll be staying and then research gyms nearby. If you’re traveling domestically and are member of a large commercial branched gym, check to see if there’s one in your area and if they’ll still take you in for being a member.

If not, then call up other local gyms. Let them know you’re just in town for a brief period and see if they’ll offer you a free guest pass or a reduced rate while you stay.

No matter what you do, ensure they have the equipment you need so you don’t show up surprised. Don’t be a diva, ...

beach body ready

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