7 Ways I’ve Maintained My Testosterone Levels At The Upper 98th Percentile

The last time I went into the doctor for a full physical, they did a hormone test as a matter of routine.  98% of men my age has lower testosterone levels than I do.  Although I have had high testosterone since I was a teenager, I have been able to maintain these levels, where many men have not. There are several things that I do that are different than mainstream Americans and I will share them with you and why I believe this has an effect on my testosterone.

None of our food is real anymore, it’s almost like they are intentionally trying to poison you. Many of it contains endocrine disruptors which are either naturally occurring xenoestrogens, a pesticide added to the crop, or even contamination from the packaging. These can damage hormones causing mental problems, obesity, cancer, feminizing of males or masculinizing of females.

Many of the studies done on these are inconclusive because there are so many different chemicals it is difficult to find somebody not exposed to multiple ones to do a valid study on. Even the Roman Empire was thought to have declined due to phytoestrogens in silphium, a relative of the fennel plant.

1. Avoid Soy

Soyim, I don’t even.

The soy boy meme is a real phenomena. Decades ago, unfermented soy used to be considered unfit for human consumption, and there were limits on how much it could be fed to livestock. The supply quickly overshadowed the demand, because it was so cheap and easy to farm. Eventually this leads to it getting rushed through FDA approval so it could be used in human food.

Since producing massive quantities of bland, tasteless soy is cheaper and easier than a variety of real foods, most food companies turn to making foods loaded ...

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