Unilateral Training Can Help Take Your Strength To The Next Level

Strength is certainly a pretty cool thing to have, isn’t it? “From strength comes all things” and all that. There are certainly many advantages to having the ability to pick up really heavy stuff in a conventional way.

But if you really want to develop earth-rending muscular power, you are going to have to use some unconventional lifts as well. And the king of unconventional training is exactly what the title is implying: unilateral training!


Unilateral training is exactly what it sounds like—training that is done with either one arm or leg, or further removing fingers from the equation. Traditionally, srongmen have advocated unilateral training just as much as, if not more so, than traditional training with two arms and/or legs. After all, if you can do with one hand what others need two hands to do, just think of what you can do when you actually are using both arms.

Or would you argue with someone like Bert Assirati, seen here doing one-handed handstand pushups at 250+ pounds?

How To Do It?

Of course, if you diligently read and practice the information in my articles, you already know how to do one-handed pushups and one-leg squats. Thus, the simplest way to put unilateral weight training into your routine is just to do these calisthenics with added weight: just hold a dumbbell during these exercises and the difficulty will exponentially increase.

You can also “up the difficulty” on things such as splitting apples and other forms of grip training that I have also discussed—once you can split an apple with two hands, you can try crushing an apple with one hand, as yours truly demonstrates here.

But these will only take you so far—I have always advocated both bodyweight and weighted exercises. But is it possible to do actual ...

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