6 Strategies For Beating False Sexual Allegations At Work

As men enter lucrative positions and ascend up the ladders of success, an increasingly common tactic to derail them is the malicious false allegation.  Modern employment culture places masculine men at the mercy of women with whom they share the workplace.  That, coupled with the fact that human resources and personnel departments are overwhelmingly dominated by women means that masculine men are essentially working behind enemy lines.  Most gainfully employed men should therefore expect to be involved in a case of false allegations as either a witness or an accused party at some point in their careers.

To understand why women make false allegations, one must know it is often due to their realization that they cannot outperform or control a talented male rival. Women know that institutions tend to resolve any dispute between a man and a woman in favor of the woman due to “vaginal privilege” and because employers reason the females are more apt to file expensive lawsuits and make an overall bigger stink.  Such women also view a false allegation is a means to enrich themselves with monetary settlements all while sullying the reputation and professional standing of a rival male.

The #MeToo hysteria is enabling men to finally realize that all but the most exceptional complaints are false, power-snatching, money-grabbing attempts. However, a seldom answered question is how does a man successfully defeat a false accusation from an unscrupulous female at work?

1.  Recognize your enemies and keep a journal

The perceptive male can identify potential false accusers simply by being observant.  That girl who always has a toxic quip, hostility to your mere presence, behaves as if the rules don’t apply to her, or tries to bait you with sexual jokes/innuendo is a prime candidate.  You should make a brief ...

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