Bullshit Degrees Are Scamming College Students

College once was an institution for educating society’s best and brightest to their highest potential. Later, a degree came to be seen as a guaranteed ticket to the middle class. During the 1990s, promoting higher education for the masses became a big effort. That social experiment demonstrated that not just any degree is worthwhile.

Low ROI majors

Well, at least I’m not at home raising precious children. My grandmothers were so oppressed! If only they had the opportunity to file TPS reports all day instead….

There are many articles online about degrees with the lowest return on investment. From “30 Worst Paying College Majors For 2013“, here are the ten least profitable, and their starting salaries:

Many of the above salaries will increase during mid-career, but some less so. Why get deeply indebted for a degree that gets only fifteen bucks an hour, taking years to improve? Further, traditional housewives always have been experts at both culinary arts and child/family studies, even illiterate Bronze Age peasants.

Low opportunity majors

At least studying art history lets you understand how this happened.

For many “soft studies” degrees, there’s a very limited market for new graduates. Career paths for an art history Ph.D. are:

  • Museum curator
  • Art history professor
  • Fivebucks Coffee

How many unfilled job openings at museums requiring Ph.D. knowledge are there? New York City is the Mecca of the American art scene (though say what you will about today’s recent quality). The Big Apple has a few dozen art museums, but in a city of 8.5 million, that’s ...

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