3 Critical Rules To Build A Physique That Makes Women Wet

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It’s no secret that learning game is harder than it ever was before—with Soros “1 in 4 women are raped” propaganda on every corner, anti-male sentiment emanating from the hordes of social justice warriors, and women’s general lack of femininity, attracting and seducing hot girls without encountering numerous obstacles is a seemingly impossible challenge.

Shit tests, friends cockblocking you, and poor logistics… it seems that we must do everything within our power to level the playing field. You can try building your wealth, you can try learning game, and you can try working on your personality, but in my experience, one thing works best: game combined with a killer physique.

Having a killer physique is the most immediate thing that a girl sees about you. Not your bank account, not your game, not your personality but your physical body. Yes, obviously everything else is important, but developing a shredded, lean physique that turns heads is an incredibly powerful asset.

What Women So Desperately Desire

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Pull club hotties with ease

I don’t want to exaggerate here, but it’s hard not to. When I first started working out around the age of 13, I didn’t think it would have much of an effect. Yeah, maybe I’d get a few IOI’s here and there, but I figured it was something you just did for health.

Oh my god, was I wrong—fast forward 10 years, and I can’t believe the power that it commands, not only in terms of respect from your peers, but in attraction from women. Despite the SJW’s harping on men for being shallow, it turns out that women are actually just as shallow… they just hide it better.

I recall the first time that I really started to understand how ...

body of an alpha jon anthony masculine development
body of an alpha jon anthony masculine development
body of an alpha jon anthony masculine development
body of an alpha jon anthony masculine development

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