5 Things A Man Should Do Before Going On Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy is a quick fix. It treats the symptoms of low T (fatigue, decreased motivation, diminished libido, etc), while completely ignoring the root cause—your lifestyle choicesNot to mention that TRT is expensive and potentially dangerous. The following are five goals you should try to achieve before taking the plunge.  

1. Achieve sub-15% body fat

Estimate Your Body Fat

Excess body fat is associated with an increase in aromatase production (1). Aromatase is an enzyme that serves the function of aromatizing androgens into estrogens (2). The more aromatase you have running through your veins, the more testosterone is being converted into estrogen (3).

In other words, all that extra body fat you’re carrying around is literally making you softer – not just a softer body, but softer erections and emotions as well. If you’re currently overweight, getting lean will have a tremendous positive impact on your testosterone.

Estimate your current body fat percentage by referring to the image above and make it a goal to achieve sub-15% levels. Leaning down is simply a matter of consuming fewer calories than you burn on a day-to-day basis.

2. Optimize your vitamin D and magnesium levels

Large portions of the American population are deficient in Vitamin D (74%) and magnesium (46%) (4), both of which are crucial for testosterone production.

Men with sufficient vitamin D levels have significantly higher testosterone compared to men who are deficient in it (5). Similarly, magnesium status has been shown to be strongly and independently associated with testosterone (6).

Topping up your vitamin D and magnesium levels is perhaps the simplest way to bring your testosterone back up closer to where it should be.

Your skin synthesizes vitamin D upon exposure to the sun but ...

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