How To Start An eBay Side Hustle

About seven years ago, I was approached by my brother with the opportunity to go 50/50 with him on buying 60 non-running motorcycles from an estate. He had sold moped parts on eBay before, but this would be a large jump forward and he wanted help pulling it off.

This is how I started my side job/hobby of selling on eBay. Looking back, there were definitely mistakes that we made, such as allowing parts to get damaged and using inefficient tools for disassembly, but the adventure has paid off. Choosing to sell on eBay and learning a few tricks of the trade can be a rewarding experience for men both financially and personally.

These started it all.

Why Choose eBay?

In my case, I want to make some additional income, but I have a salaried day job, so I do not have the option of overtime. I do not have a trade such as plumbing or car repair that I can do on the side for an hourly rate, and I have not developed my artistic or entertaining skills enough to create things that people would pay for or have a side gig in a band. I have a young family, so spending weekends or nights away from home at a part-time job would be problematic.

Selling items on eBay is flexible from a time standpoint and it diversifies my income. It also provides me the opportunity to tinker with motorcycles and cars, which develops those skills and provides alternate activities to my professional desk job. I’ve learned enough to do car repair on my own vehicles and having a side hustle can be an interesting topic in casual social situations.

How To Start

A good way to get familiar with selling on eBay is to sell some personal items ...

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