One Bitcoin Will Be Awarded to the First Player to Beat This New PC Game

Cryptocurrency -- Bitcoin in particular -- has taken the world by storm with people far and wide looking to explore and analyze the currency’s true power. A new PC game has been making its way around the web, which, not only targets hardcore puzzle gamers, but those interested in earing a little digital coin. The first person to complete the game will be awarded one bitcoin (approximately $10,000 USD).

MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma contains a series of 24 "mind-bending" puzzles, which have to be found and solved. Gem Rose Accent, the game’s developers, have even gone as far to say "this game must be amongst the hardest you've ever played.” A multiplayer function adds another dimension, as players can link up with others to find clues and solve puzzles. However, with one bitcoin awaiting only one winner, MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma does stick to an “every man for himself” philosophy, so players should be mindful of who they team up with.

The game is expected to make its debut on February 20 via Steam. In case you missed it, criminals are now using Litecoin instead of Bitcoin.

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