12 Strategies For Dealing With A Bad Boss

In my last article, I discussed reasons why your boss sucks. That article may give some insight on the why, but most people are interested in what (to do about it). So here are some strategies to cope with this situation…

1. Do Nothing

This is what most folks will do. They don’t do a damn thing about the situation, at least not directly. They will, however, complain, abstain, or bitch. People love to complain, as talk is cheap and misery loves company. People who do nothing tend to minimize their contact with the boss: abstain. I have heard of people who drink on the job, do light drugs, or try to work from home (if possible) to avoid their boss.

Why do it? Because a change is coming; you intend to quit or are about to be promoted or get a new position (so you’ll have a new boss).

2. Accept Your Boss

Your boss may be crappy because you have major differences of opinion with him. I have a good friend who suffers from ADHD and his boss is a tidy person. Sparks fly every week there. I told him that I believe he should accept his boss and as dumb as he thinks the guy is, the boss is still the boss. Your boss may be leftist, incompetent, or sometimes related to management. In those cases, it is better to accept him or her as is.

Why do it? Because you value your work over feelings, and because there is a minimal change you need to handle.

3. Change Yourself

As Gandhi put it, “you must be the change you want to see in the world.”

If you change your attitude and behavior, there is a good chance that the other person will do it ...

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