8 Tips To Survive Working For A Female Boss

My boss is a superwoman: forty-something, single, thin, tanned, and short-haired. No children, of course. She hits the gym three times a week, she drives a BMW, and she has climbed the corporate ladder to a position where she deserves respect.

You can see on her face she has fought to be an independent woman. She has pursued the dream our society has imposed on her. And in her pursue, she has become completely masculine… and miserable. But don’t be fooled by her masculine traits: she is a hardcore feminist who talks non-stop about how the patriarchy is preventing her and other women from ruling the world, and she is waiting for any excuse to crush your soul and your career.

These are the guidelines I’ve followed for four years now that have let me survive in the corporate world with a high degree of success.

1. OBS (Only Business Stuff)

Don’t try to befriend her. Never compliment her. Never stop by her office just to chat. No joking. No fake smiles. You won’t get any respect acting like that. More likely, you’ll lose it.

2. Understand That Every Interaction With Her Will Be Emotional Instead Of Logical

One time, my boss called me to yell at me. Apparently, I had done something wrong and it was a matter of life and death. I wasn’t at the office and clearly, it wasn’t my fault. The next day, she was really angry, but only because of the way I talked to her over the phone, just because I didn’t kiss her ass. Now, that was the important problem, not the one she had phoned me about.

Dealing with a woman’s emotions is never easy for men. That’s why you should reduce your interactions with her to the minimum. Understand that every ...

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