Bodybuilding Hell Week: Work Out The Same Muscle Every Single Day

Please keep an open mind to what you’re about to read here. I work out in all different styles and throughout the years, I’ve experimented with a lot in the gym. The funny thing is that much of what I would have told you was pure nonsense years ago; I’d tell you the exact opposite today!

If you told me about full body routines performed three to four times per week, training the same muscle group daily, or implementing high reps for growth, I would have told you that you were crazy! But no, not anymore, because I had to figure some of these things out for myself.

Remember, it takes keeping an open mind to continue to break through plateaus and continue to get results. You cannot do the same thing all of the time and continue to see change.

Come With Me To Bodybuilding Hell Week

What is Bodybuilding Hell Eeek? Simple, it’s a week straight of the same muscle groups torched every single day. That’s right, if you did chest yesterday, then guess what? You’re doing it again today! You’re sore? Good… I don’t care.

This week of training muscle groups every day may not make much sense to you right now, but it will when you see the results a week or two after Bodybuilding Hell Week. Workouts will be performed in freestyle fashion, meaning you do as many sets and reps as you feel necessary to achieve a good pump.

Unlike other cookie-cutter routines, I’m not here to give you the perfect number of reps and sets, because there isn’t one. Think for yourself! Do what you feel and trust in yourself!

You will be hitting all muscle groups for seven days in a row. This means full body workouts for one week straight, no ...

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