How Charity Organizations Are Scamming You Out Of Your Hard-Earned Money

I was recently employed to survey the structure of an existing building in central London for the design company that I offer my services to as a structural engineer. This building was the host of a charity company that, and I quote: “exists to make this country a place where all the people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we’ll be here.”

Whenever I enter these kind of buildings, I like to get the feel of the environment and see what the drones are up to during their slave hours. From being greeted by a fake ass smile receptionist boy to being surrounded by hundreds of leaflets and posters that promote their object of work, I soon realized that my simple observation of the surroundings would turn into a frustrating experience.

A three-story office building entirely occupied by these jokers confirmed my guess that charities are one big scam for people to make easy money by doing nothing… nothing except being annoying with leaflets and smiles.

Being Approached On The Street To Have A Go At Your Hard-Earned Money

You know these guys. They approach you like some wanna be pick-up artist with the sole purpose of taking your money and putting it in their pockets. A charity that is run like a business is a sad, sad thing. When you see hundreds of people in big cities, all with special hoodies and fake smiles, you suddenly realize how much money is being wasted instead of actually helping those in need.

Charities Are Run Like A Big Corporation, Without The Downsides

These chuggers then return to their three-story corporate office building, but unlike other corporations where people actually slave away to produce something of worth, they just enjoy the perks and none of the downsides of ...

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