LinkedIn Has Become A Social Justice Hellhole

Over the last years, LinkedIn has seen a surge in its number of users, becoming the go-to site for job searching and networking and reaching an astounding membership of 106 million users worldwide. While this tool can be really useful if you keep a professional attitude, this professional network has in many ways become a light version of Facebook with suits and ties, shoving virtue-signalling articles down its users’ throats on a daily basis.

Here is some annoying stuff you are likely to find on LinkedIn…

1. Human Resources You-Go-Grrls

Once a girl has landed a good cubicle job in Human Resources, she cannot help herself: she has to talk about how great her life is. Instagram and Facebook are not enough; LinkedIn gives the typical you-go-girl a platform to share her virtue to the world. It sounds just like this: “I just hired a 50-year old black female and the result is beyond expectations!” This kind of statement is followed by a sugary story on how it is important to fight against prejudice and how good it is be inclusive.

These stories, unsurprisingly, are shared and commented on by beta male orbiters who are stunned by the power of the message, but they are not aware that the typical HR girl is able to fire a random coworker for supposedly sexist remarks if it helps her develop her career.

2. Questionable Start-Ups Raising Money

You will often find this kind of press release: “Our company, Globocuck Inc. has just raised $3,000,000 to Uberize the frozen foods market and develop synergies with real estate, thanks to Buttplug Ventures.” People will comment on the founder’s awesome strategy and the jobs he will create. The future is bright.

After a bit of analysis, you can be sure that the start-up ...

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