How To Avoid Getting Scammed When You Invest In Cryptocurrencies

A quick look around the Internet will tell anyone paying attention that something is going on. Something big. Just a couple of years back, hardly anyone had heard of cryptocurrency, and even fewer were investing in any crypto projects. That seems to have changed rapidly. It seems like whatever website you visit, whatever video you watch on YouTube, and whoever you speak to in the real world, everyone is going crypto crazy. Even Starbucks is getting involved.

This is both exciting and terrifying. There are unbelievable opportunities to make millions if you invest even a token amount in the right project, but there is also the chance you will lose everything you invest.

I’ve written this quick guide to investing safely in cryptocurrencies simply because I wish someone had written it for me before I got involved about six months back. If you follow these basic pointers, you should be able to invest and make money in the revolution taking place around us.

Invest Some Time In Understanding The Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

The number of people pouring cash into cryptocurrency recently is absolutely staggering.

As a case in point, Coinbase, one of the largest and best known cryptocurrency exchanges, added 100,000 new users in a single day when Bitcoin futures were announced. That’s a lot of people pouring into a market suddenly, and I’m willing to bet a very small handful of them understand even the basics of what they’re getting involved in.

I’m not going to pretend I’m some sort of cryptography wizard by any means. Hell, I just about got a decent grade in math in school. That said, I did take a few days to read all I could about the blockchain and how it works. As a starting point, I recommend watching this free video:

Once ...

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