5 Tips To Develop A Killer Mindset For Your Gym Workouts

As an avid gym enthusiast and observer of human nature I can’t help but see that most people are not putting in their full effort at the gym. It’s hard to not notice that most people are not training hard and are stuck in a sad world without gains. Thus I have taken it upon myself to provide for your benefit 15 tips on how to sharpen the mental edge and kill it working out.

1. Pump yourself up before going

You’re not going to your 9 to 5 wage slave paper pushing job here buddy. This is the gym! And what you do and don’t do inside this building actually matters. So you better put down that Starbucks frappachino pumpkin spice mocha latte and cranberry scone and come into this house with the right attitude. You slave all day and get an hour or two to work on yourself so you better show up here ready to put in the work. I want you to show up to the gym like a hungry dog ready to eat weights and defeacate results. If that isn’t your attitude there is a croquet club up the road that is looking for another soft turd of effeminacy to join.

The gym is the best part of your day, it’s the part of the day where nobody can give you crap, where you can do things with your body that most men can only dream of. It’s that time of day which empirically disproves feminism, where you can make women be in awe of the power your body possess. It’s that time of day where you put in so much manly work that you literally leave the building feeling high. If that doesn’t get you pumped up then you’ve been shopping in the soy ...

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