Top 5 Places To Visit In Bangkok At Night

The Bangkok nightlife scene is changing by the year, but the lure it has on guys who want to escape the current madness of Western society’s self-flagellation, if only for a temporary battery recharge, is undiminished. If you’re sick of social justice warriors, bat-shit crazy feminists, and political correctness gone mad, the Thai capital provides a valuable escape.

As someone who has traveled around Southeast Asia extensively, I can assure you that no other city in the region can compete with Bangkok when it comes to the nightlife. It isn’t hard to find Bangkok nightlife guides on the net that cover the city’s vibrant red light districts, but getting the lowdown on regular nightlife areas is not so easily done, so I thought a few words on that might add something worthwhile.

RCA – Nightclub Ground Zero

RCA Plaza, Bangkok

RCA actually stands for Royal City Avenue, and it is by far and away the most popular area for clubs/discos. RCA has enjoyed this status for many years already, but it’s only recently that foreigners have started heading there. Virtually the entire street is lined with clubs, but the northern end of the street in particular is wall to wall clubs, and in the heart of all the mayhem, you will find Route 66.

Route 66, which is spread out over various zones, could be described as being the epicenter of RCA. It is a huge club which is dedicated to house music, EDM, and some live Thai music thrown in for good measure.

The clubs don’t start getting busy until after 10pm, but later on clubs like Route 66 reach bursting point, with the party spreading out into the street where tables and chairs are set up to cater for the masses. Let’s just say that if you have ...

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