Politicians Are Whores And It’s Actually Not Their Fault

When people call all or most politicians evil, I’m always incredulous. No matter whether they are the nationalists I love or the SJWs I hate, the vast majority of them are either puppets or non-powerful, albeit brave contrarians. By and large, they have next to no influence and, in the case of the SJWs especially, can be crushed by their overlords. Some political figures (Donald Trump, Congressman Greg Gianforte, etc.) are certainly extremely wealthy and have much more leeway to be themselves, yet most rely on rich benefactors and are always fearful of losing their jobs.

In the United States, Congressmen in particular are slaves to their rather ridiculous two-year terms. From the day they first take office and then every time they are reelected, those sitting in the House of Representatives are immediately canvassing support for their next appearance on an electoral ballot. They have to worry about their own personal finances, campaign finances, primaries against members of their own party, and then a general election.

Remember, Congressmen and Senators are paid under $200,000 per annum. It may sound like a lot, but when the rigors of the job and much higher private sector executive salaries are considered, it’s a pittance. What’s more, obtaining a seat in the House costs around $2 million nowadays and a Senate seat will set you back around $10 million. Candidates have to reach out to others and this invariably involves whoring themselves out for some cash or, alternatively, other forms of political influence.

Because politicians need to mingle in wealthy circles to attract fundraising dollars, the idea of a Congressional salary leading to a comfortable financial life is very overblown. A Congressman or Senator is often far poorer than those he or she is soliciting checks from and must spend a lot ...

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