Moogfest hosts 50 artist live stream showcasing female, trans, and non-binary talent

Moogfest, an immersive music, technology, and art festival held in Durham, North Carolina, will be hosting an exclusive 50-hour-long live stream in anticipation of the 2018 edition of the festival. The festival prides itself on showcasing wildly immersive production, cutting edge programming, and most of all fostering a commitment to maintaining progressive ideals such as diversity and inclusion.

The festival will celebrate underrepresented artists — with a focus on female, trans, and non-binary artists — in an upcoming live stream detailing the festival’s upcoming theme. The steam, titled Always On, will feature 50 hours of music from 50 artists hailing from across the globe.

“If we don’t reclaim the narrative of our experiences, somebody else will write that narrative for us,” says Madame Ghandi in the official video announcement. “More than likely, it’s not a narrative that we’re going to like.”

Tune into the livestream via Always On Live. Moogfest takes place May 18 to May 21 in Durham, NC. Tickets are on sale now.

Photo Credit: @moogfest/Instagram

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