Billionaire Boys Club Spotlights Kirk Knight in ‘Boys of Tomorrow’ Second Issue

Billionaire Boys Club is set to release the second issue of its fledgling Boys of Tomorrow magazine. The latest installment puts the spotlight on acclaimed record producer and rapper Kirlan Labarrie—famously known as Kirk Knight—of the Pro Era collective. The Brooklyn native sat down with BBC creative director Ross Westland to relay personal takeaways in regards to his upbringing, working with Joey Bada$$, his favorite music genres, as well as upcoming projects.

"Joey called me like 'Yo! I’m starting up this shit, it’s called PRO ERA, I want you to be one of the producers in the group!'" expressed Knight regarding how he started producing for Pro Era. "I remember I was geeked because I felt like I was a part of something finally cause like where I'm from like nobody did music. In terms of what I was doing nobody was doing it, nobody. Dudes were just doing other shit."

Take a look at key excerpts below and let us know your thoughts. The second issue will be available in Billionaire Boys Club's London store exclusively starting November 15. Kirk Knight was recently featured in BBC’s Holiday 2017 lookbook, clad in an essential apparel range embellished with the brand’s signature outer-space motifs.

When did you start getting into music?

I started getting into music when I was like 14/15 but when I was like 12/13 I was beating on the table. My mum always had a vision for me. She was the one who bought a piano before I was born, and a guitar, before I was born, but my father didn’t really want me to live that kind of lifestyle. My mum wanted my hair to grow, my father didn’t. He wanted to make me more ‘acceptable’ for society but my mum was ...

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