Take a Deeper Look at Rick and Morty’s Antithetical Relationship

With season 3 of Adult Swim's hit show Rick and Morty now over, fans are once again left to ruminate on the season's past revelations and theories -- as well as the season 4 release date. In a recent video, the antithetical relationship between the show's two main protagonists is under scrutiny. The in-depth video analyses the father and son (creator and created) dynamic that underpins the duo's entire relationship. The concept that new will inevitably replace old is at the heart of the archenemies dad trope that is found throughout history and cinema -- think Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker or Cronos and Zeus.

Rick, throughout the past three seasons, has kept Morty from gaining any sort of real dominance in their relationship and this slowly started to become apparent in season 3 as Morty's feelings towards Rick seemed more jaded and callous -- it beg's the question of whether Morty will ever reject Rick and grow into the "Evil Morty" that makes a number of appearances throughout the series. The writers of Rick and Morty have taken special care to not write themselves into any corners, leaving fans to theorize endlessly without any hard evidence.

While this video doesn't portend to answer any deep questions about the show it does provide some analytical insight into the ever-complicated relationship between Rick and Morty. You can watch it over on ScreenPrism's YouTube channel.

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