Bassnectar unveils unearthly second single off upcoming EP

Still fresh off the news of his Atlanta NYE special event and the announcement of a headline appearance at Buku, Bassnectar has been focused on mastering and promoting his Reflective: Part Two EP, out December 1 on Amorphous Records. The bass music powerhouse shared the first single off the project, an earth-shattering track with Wakaan’s own Digital Ethos.

Now, Bassnectar shares another single featuring Dorfex Bos, which follows their initial “Horizons” collaboration on part one of the Reflective EP. Their sophomore collaboration, “Other Worlds,” while equally celestial and downtempo to its core, will take listeners into a completely different direction, instilling the two tracks with a yin and yang type of relationship.

“Other Worlds” utilizes a similar sound design as “Horizons,” with a repetitive grinding synth and “Shepard’s tone” effect that creates an auditory illusion effect on the ear, where listeners feel the tension as constant and never-ending. With each drop, however, rather than being taken down into a seismic direction, listeners are lifted a bit higher into the cosmos and gently dropped off on the track’s sublime lead out. The result is a track that is reminiscent of some 1980s Hans Zimmer-scored sci-fi film, taking listeners on a ride that goes up and down and around and round.

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