Outliers & Oddities: 10 sinister records perfect for Halloween



Outliers & Oddities: 10 sinister records perfect for Halloween

Outliers & Oddities is an exclusive Dancing Astronaut feature in honor of Halloween.

With an inconceivable number of Halloween party playlists floating around, we’ve created the anti-party playlist — a hearty harvest of eerily evocative jaunts by the likes of RL Grime, Gesaffelstein, deadmau5, and more. Detailed are 10 EP and full length suggestions, along with the creepiest track from each, for the devilishly daring, willingly introspective, and downright spooky.

Words by Christina Hernandez, Grace Fleisher

Feature image courtesy of Insomniac Events


Burial - Untrue

Seldom emerging from seclusion, the aloof Burial has been something of an anomaly in the dance music community throughout the years. The real name of the UK garage pioneer, after all, long remained a mystery in itself. To the surprise of few, Burial has only once spoken on the title of his second album, the seminal, unabashedly emotive Untrue. Ten years ago, upon its release in 2007, he said, “It’s like when someone’s not acting like themselves.” Continuing, “They’re off-key, something’s wrong, an atmosphere has entered the room.”

Burial cemented his vision and emotionally dialed-in ethos through this transient state of eeriness. Untrue is lonely, cold-blooded, and simultaneously distant. At times, the vocal embers of Burial are left ablaze, festering listeners in elements of induced introspective and concluding in the dark emptiness of a sonic void. It’s clear Untrue is a deeply personal record from Burial, but it’s also an off-key atmosphere that’s easy for listeners to get lost in, too.


RL Grime - VOID

One can’t create a Halloween-themed record list without RL Grime‘s seminal LP debut, VOID. The twelve-piece collection showcases the American bass pioneer’s skills in creating booming trap bombs that manage to be artful at ...

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