Raf Simons’ “Warning Signs” T-Shirt Is the Heart of RSVP Gallery’s New Short Film

RSVP Gallery has put together an intimate short film for Fall/Winter 2017 based around Raf Simons' "Warning Signs" T-shirt. The visual narrative is inspired by the text on the "Warning Signs" graphic print and tells the story of two young lovers who are "disconnected by the distractions of the contemporary world."

The one-minute film features no spoken dialogue but is ripe with narrative via subtitles taken directly from the text on Raf Simons' shirt. Mentions of "replicants" and phrases such as "Have you noticed that people just don't blush anymore?" and "We are all algorithms these days" dig deep into the digital age's collective existential crisis.

The Raf Simons "Warning Signs" graphic T-shirt is available now at RSVP Gallery for $270 USD.

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