Foreign Women Should Come Before Men In Any Immigration Plan

Countries like Sweden, France, UK and Germany have accepted many migrants, particularly non-European males. To some extent that is also the case with the U.S., Canada, and Australia. For instance, the Swedish economist Jan Tullberg has asserted that Sweden now has 125,000 males for every 100,000 females.

This effect is magnified in the younger age cohorts due to the massive influx of Afghan unaccompanied  male adults refugee children, and Middle Eastern and African male economic migrants which have come as a consequence of the coordinated efforts from globalists like George Soros and various NGOs such as Save the Children International.

Some have also speculated that feminists in leadership positions either want to make things worse for native men, or that they want to increase the female value in the sexual market by making the society more competitive for men while improving their own access to men. More men imply a better situation for adult females who are free to pick among both native and non-native men and for both short- and long-term relationships.

The social consequences can become quite detrimental since this development leads to not just an unstable or even inverted sexual market and marriage market, but also higher crime rates and more men joining extreme nationalist, left-wing, and Islamic groups (ISIS in particular). Hence constructive changes are called for.

More females as a solution

Part of the solution is to halt and reverse immigration, but another aspect is to make room for more female migrants. My suggestion is to accept more women from poorer parts of Eastern Europe and adjust the numbers for the total population size of each host nation.

Countries like Russia (142 millions) and Ukraine (44 millions) will not be depleted of their women if a couple of million leave for Western countries. ...

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