Star Trek Discovery Is Social Justice At Warp Speed

After the groundbreaking Star Trek original series (TOS) was cancelled, the franchise went dormant. Afterwards, a film series began in which the even-numbered movies were good. Then it returned to television with The Next Generation (TNG). After it ran its course, other spinoffs were launched. Then it went off the air for a while, but a rebooted movie series began; apparently the odd-numbered films are now the good ones. Quite recently, Star Trek: Discovery (STD) marked the franchise’s return to television.

The plot (spoilers ahead)

I haven’t followed the shows after TNG because I gave up television. However, I caught the first three episodes of STD. Note well, it’s a prequel to TOS, predating it by ten years. The Klingons have been dormant for a century, effectively disappearing. However, they’ve hatched a plot to “remain Klingon”. Pretty scary, right?

Then we meet the main Federation protagonist, a Black lady with a soft butch appearance named Michael. (Why not Janet?) She’s Spock’s adopted sister—another surprise relative like Sybok in the fifth movie.  She’s a survivor of a Klingon attack (apparently they’re not so dormant after all). Accompanying the Captain—a soft butch Asian lady—she shoots holes down a well to frack it for some thirsty space bugs. A radiation field dried up the water table. (Gamma rays don’t do that.) I guess this was for character development?

Back aboard ship, they note a strange anomaly. You already know what’ll happen… Michael puts on a space suit to investigate, despite an intense radiation field. (Don’t they have robotic space drones?) After finding a large, mysterious object, a Klingon pops out. After two seconds of combat, he gigs himself with his Swiss glaive, and Michael is injured and adrift. The Klingons then argue about who should be the boss. That’s ...

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