ODESZA release fervent new music video for their Leon Bridges collaboration, ‘Across the Room’

ODESZA is always seeking organic and innovative ways to share their music and connect with the masses. From their fan-made music video for “Line of Sight” to an insider’s look into the making of “Meridian,” Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills have, time and again, delivered on their shared artistic vision with a certain kind of thoughtful, premeditated fervor.

In their latest effort, the forward-thinking duo have triumphed once again on their collaborative single, “Across The Room,” featuring the “king of soul” Leon Bridges, from their recent album, A Moment Apart. The two recently opened up in an interview with DA that they had been wanting to work with Bridges for a while and finally had their management reach out to the R&B singer/songwriter during one of his Seattle tour stops.

The music video itself calls on an aesthetic of nostalgia, authenticity, and familial strength in it’s quest to match the heartwarming, emotive qualities of Leon Bridges’ voice.

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