Another VC quarter that makes no economic sense thanks to robots, Softbank, and the pursuit of masculinity through valuation

“2017 is on pace to see the highest number of $100 million+ VC rounds in the past decade…”

AYFKM? Still?

For pretty much the existence of Pando, very smart people have been predicting, even trying to talk the Valley into, a downturn. And yet, here we are. Six years into Pando’s life and the news is out about yet another quarter that defies any sense of economic gravitational rules. Yet another quarter where it seems unsustainable, where the money coming in and the money going out makes no rational sense, and yet another quarter where no change is in sight. Indeed, 2017 is on pace not only to see the most $100 million deals of the decade, but a decade high of investment over all.

There were 26 mega-rounds in the US, and even more closed in Asia. That’s way up from last year. Mega deals are increasing. This despite only one decacorn-- Snap-- managing to go public... and performing poorly...

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