Barbara Kruger is Taking Over a New York City Skatepark

With fresh news of a solo exhibition to open in Berlin, American artist Barbara Kruger is now set to team up with Performa and bring her work to a New York City skatepark. The artist -- who many will be familiar with as Supreme’s logo is a tribute to her work -- will be part of the seventh Performa Biennial, with Kruger’s work taking the form of a skate park installation designed by Steve Rodriguez, a billboard in Chelsea, and a school bus design.

The skate park -- underneath Manhattan Bridge -- is a fitting location for Kruger for obvious reasons, with Roselee Goldberg, founding director and curator, giving the following quote:

“For more than four decades, Barbara Kruger has occupied a unique place between high art and popular culture, between histories, disciplines, and generations. With this commission, Kruger’s intention to make deeply informed work that is accessible and ‘in the world’ meshes seamlessly with Performa’s vision to use live performance as a platform to do both. It’s remarkable that she is as widely known to millennials as she is to the museum and collector worlds. Kruger’s work is ‘forever radical.’”

The Performa Biennial will take place from November 1 until November 19.

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