Hip-hop’s ultimate sweetie Chance the Rapper is hosting a free surprise concert in Chicago today

Chance the Rapper is officially music’s gift that keeps on giving.

His compassion for his hometown of Chicago is genuinely heart-warming. After announcing that he’ll be hosting a free concert, today August 12, deemed #BBBash, Chance then proceeded to share in an on-camera interview with ABC 7 Chicago he would be handing out free tickets beforehand.

“ I wanted to make sure I can identify all those teachers that support our youth and build our children up, all those fathers that are out here with their families, the cornerstones of their houses, bringing their families out—I wanted to make sure I can identify y’all so my people can get you some free tickets,” Chance told the camera.

The free show is set to follow Chicago’s annual Bud Billiken parade set to culminate with a picnic at Washington Park —one of the city’s oldest and largest celebrations amongst African-Americans in the country— of which Chance will be the grand marshal. He previously took to Twitter to ask Chicago public school teachers attending the parade to wear red in an effort to locate them to pass out free tickets to the show and celebrate their hard work and earnest dedication.

On top of it all, Chance has also announced his non-profit organization SocialWorks will be giving away 30,000 “stuffed” backpacks to children during the parade.

H/T: Pitchfork

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